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August 18-19, 2023



* 18 and up *
Amenities Include:

~ Admission to festival Aug. 26-27 at Bicentennial Capitol Mall

~ 38 performances over three unique stages

~ #BYOBottle access to free water refill station

~ Local food trucks with options for all dietary preferences

~ Air-conditioned inflatable dome & Elixir Bar

~ Multiple art & craft vendors + official Deep Tropics merchandise

~ Multiple bars w/ alcoholic & non-alcoholic options

~ Multiple art & craft vendors + official Deep Tropics merchandise

* All pre-parties, late-night, & lead-in events are ticketed separately *



* 18 and up *

Open Bar [All Day, Both Days]

Free Food [4pm-7pm Both Days]

Separate Sound System & Exclusive DJ Sets

Separate Traveler Plus Entry, Exit & Re-entry

Adding 2nd AC Restroom Trailer

Dedicated Water Refill Station For Easy Access (BYOBottle)

Expanded Cooling, Decor & Lounge Areas

2x POS Systems & Staff for Shorter Bar Lines

Dedicated PLUS Management Team

Exclusive Vendors

Photo Booth

Accepting instant bitcoin payments powered by IBEX!











About us

The fourth iteration of Deep Tropics’ boutique festival returns to Music City on August 26-27, 2022. It is a carefully curated, music, art, & style experience at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville's beloved Germantown neighborhood from 3PM- 11PM each day.

Deep Tropics has created an entire program of pre-parties, day-time events, workshops and opportunities to connect in intimate settings throughout the weekend. Additionally, multiple off-site afterparty options catering to different musical subgenres will occur simultaneously following the main event to carry us deep into the night. Expect a full program of pop-up events throughout the summer to escalate the energy and re-unite our tribe as we lead into the festival weekend.

Deep Tropics is produced by forward-thinking, dance music enthusiasts at Full Circle Presents. The creative site and stage design is led by art director, Aaron Martin and will take the energy to stratospheric levels. The one-of-a-kind amphitheater in the park ensures every viewpoint is perfect with a beautiful downtown skyline view in the backdrop. It will host the massive, ancient temple inspired stage called “Meru”, a brand new stage dubbed “Lotus” and a third performance space known as the “Congo Soundsystem”. Intricate lasers, choreographed LED, moving lights, and art installs will illuminate the park. The venue is less than a mile from auxiliary party locations, downtown Nashville, and some of the city’s coolest districts.

Deep Tropics’ mission is to be the greenest festival in the United States. We are a climate positive event which simply means we create more energy than we use. These efforts are fueled by our non-profit organization Deep Culture, Inc which exists to curate experiences that activate transformation of self, community, and planet. In 2021, 79% of festival waste was prevented from entering the landfill. The proceeds from Green Disco Eco-Bands allowed us to plant 59,000+ trees in Kenya and help offset our carbon footprint. Many of Deep Tropics’ art projects are created from sustainable materials such as hempcrete & aircrete. Additionally, Deep Tropics has a zero waste initiative to ensure everything is either recyclable, compostable, or re-usable. Regenerative design is at the forefront of every aspect of the festival.

Event Producers: Full Circle Presents
Artwork & Creative Direction: Aaron Martin

The future is balancing on precarious tipping points. An acceleration of planetary chaos has many of us waking up to a sense of accountability to live more intentionally and purposefully. The Deep Tropics team realized the need to integrate regenerative design practices into the festival infrastructure.

Our inspiration grows as a response to some of the most critical personal, social, and ecological crises of our time. To support these goals, we have launched a non-profit organization called Deep Culture, which exists to curate experiences that activate transformation of self, community, and planet.

Unpacking Regenerative and Emergent Design

We envision Deep Culture as a vessel to catalyze an emergent, “regenerative” culture. Our primary goal is to create life-sustaining systems that integrate the needs of society while preserving the integrity of nature. Regenerative approaches, as opposed to “sustainable” developments, seek to restore, renew or revitalize their sources of energy and materials and optimize functionality by utilizing principles and patterns found in natural systems.

Regenerative goes beyond sustainability in two ways. Firstly, as our society has already pushed the limits of resource depletion and climate destabilization, we need to move beyond sustaining the unacceptable status quo and move towards innovative approaches that provide appropriate awareness, agility, and life-affirming options for living and thriving on planet Earth. Secondly, regeneration also means that we are activating a complex, successional process of healing and renewal. All living systems have energy efficiency modes and a built-in self-regulation structure to maintain homeostasis. Regenerative action restabilizes, recuperates and restores the health and well-being of a living system.

The process of Emergent Design emphasizes conscious engagement, and the exploration and refinement of self. Through engaging consciously, we become an alert observer of our experience and an active and accountable participant in the process. Emergent Design creates awareness and agility, enabling people to gain more skill in embracing life’s uncertainties and opportunities and alignment with life-affirming and mutually benefiting pathways.

This framework nests within the creative cosmology of the festival. We envision the ‘Tropical Traveler’ going on an adventure to actualize the self, society, and the planet. This quest of awakening is the hero/heroine's journey, and the story shared becomes a collective narrative for change. We seek to make such stories relatable through the use of archetypal metaphors that inspire, ignite and unite the human spirit. Deep Culture is committed to the activation of cultural change by traversing the intersecting fields of music, art, and style. By offering transformative experiences such as retreats, immersions, and workshops, we cultivate diverse entryways for awakening and deepening possibilities for engagement and connection.


Waveclub is a Deep Tropics event series that brings Nashville together at unique outdoor venues throughout the summer.

It’s a celebration of forward-thinking electronic music and local culture. These iconic all-day pool parties lead up to Deep Tropics Music Art & Style Festival in August, but each Waveclub stands alone.

Each party boasts multiple stages of music from international producers and DJs as well as Nashville’s favorite tastemakers.

Food and beverage vendors keep us happy and hydrated as a day of poolside revelry unfolds on the grounds of a private estate. Waveclub is open to all Tropic Travelers, but the venue is private. We keep the mystique and privacy of the venue sacred while promoting inclusivity and green initiatives.

Waveclub is better experienced than explained, and we hope to see you there in May.

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Everyone and all items are subject to search upon entry and at any time within the site. Line-up and set times are subject to change. All patrons are subject to Deep Tropics Purchase Policy
Deep Tropics is happening this August 26th & 27th 2022! In the unlikely scenario a government body postpones Deep Tropics due to COVID-19, you will have two options with your tickets:

Option 1 - Retain your ticket(s) to the rescheduled event dates.
Option 2 - Refund of your 2022 ticket purchase(s) less fees.

Until a cancellation or postponement. Refunds will not be available.
Please note that Deep Tropics is 18+ Admission Only with valid government issued Photo ID checked at the gate. No valid government issued photo ID = No Entrance
Bags - We are allowing bags, which will be subject to search at the gate.
Bottles - You can bring in empty water containers (hydroflasks, etc). Camel Packs are also accepted.
Sorry, There are no pets allowed.
Box Office Location & Hours
Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
The Box Office is located at the corner of 6th Ave & Harrison St.
Ticket Sales & Pick-Up Windows:
Aug 26 Box Office Hours: 11AM- 10PM
Aug 27 Box Office Hours: 11AM- 10PM

Event Hours:
Gates Open at 3PM
Music Ends at 11PM
Uber/Lyft is recommended. There are also varius lots surrounding and nearby the park.
We have mindfully curated our food vendors with a wide variety of options for all diets.
Re-entry to the festival is only available for Tropical Traveler PLUS ticket holders.
Turn your Tropic Traveler Pass to Tropic Traveler PLUS. Upgrades are available at the box office.
We will have seven bars inside the festival.
Deep Tropics is not responsible for damage or loss of personal property. Each individual shall assume full responsibility for theft and vandalism over the duration of their stay. Deep Tropics will not be held accountable for the loss resulting in loss caused by fire, water, theft, or vandalism. We recommend you lock valuables, and keep personal items safe. There will be a lost and found on site located near the box office.
Irresponsible use of alcohol. Public nudity, harrassment, lewd behavior. Accessing restricted areas without proper passes. Taunting, bullying, abusive, disruptive language and or obscene gestures. Littering.
Relieving your bladder or bowels anywhere other than approved restrooms/port-a-potties. Please remember you’re in a shared space. Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone. Engaging in sexual behavior in public. Possession/use of illegal drugs. Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property. If a guest participating in this behavior is uncooperative or persistently negatively affecting other patrons, you may be ejected.
The festival organizers work diligently to make sure that the event is open regardless of the weather patterns, however, in severe and dangerous weather conditions, your safety is our number one priority. In the event of lightning, heavy rains, storms, or strong wind, protocols must be followed. This may mean a temporary or permanent closing of the festival.
The event is considered RAIN or SHINE. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather. Please keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly. As always, please be sure to listen to any updates from Deep Tropics staff regarding your safety.

This year’s event is fully cashless! You’ll be able to buy anything you need with just your RFID wristband.

Here’s how it works: a tag to your credit card is stored on your pin-protected wristband, and each time you tap your wristband to make a purchase, your credit card info is automatically retrieved to complete your purchase. No topping up required!

Registering your wristband is simple:

  • Upon arrival you will receive an RFID wristband from the Box Office - walk up to the Billfold Payment Activations located at the entrances.

  • Use a Billfold Payment Activation to complete a one-time credit card registration via a secure server!

  • Register on-site at a “Billfold Payment Activations” area and create a 4-digit code that you’ll use to complete every transaction. Remember this code! This code protects your credit card info if it is lost or stolen during the event.

  • If you do forget your code, don’t panic! Simply head to any Billfold Payment Activation area to re-register your band.

  • That’s it! Stow away your wallet, grab some food or drinks, and make your way to the dance floor!

Wristbands are non-transferable and non-refundable. Damaged, tampered, stolen, and lost wristbands may not be replaced and may be voided. Treat your wristbands with love! We recommend that you do not put on your wristband before the festival weekend. The wristband will be scanned as you enter the festival grounds. You must wear wristbands at all times during attendance of the festival.


What if I want to pay with cash? No problem - you can load cash credits onto your RFID wristband through one of the RFID Cashier areas. You could also both register your credit card and add cash value, this way when cash runs out your credit card steps in to complete your payment.

I added cash, so how do I check my balance? Simply head to any RFID Cashier area and ask the cashier to check the balance for you. I’ve linked my credit card with my RFID wristband, but I forgot to opt-in for email receipts and/or I typed the wrong email address!

That’s alright! Simply go back to a Billfold Payment Activation kiosk and re-register your credit card; remember to opt-in for email receipts and check your spelling ;)

What exactly is RFID? RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are tokenized for secure access to a PCI-compliant credit card payment storage and processor.

How do RFID wristband payments work? A tag to your credit card is stored on your pin-protected wristband, and each time you tap your wristband to make a purchase, your credit card info is automatically retrieved to complete your purchase.

What if I lose my RFID wristband? Not to worry - nothing is stored on your RFID wristband except a UID (unique identifier code). You can think of your wristband as a key which, paired with your 4-digit code, allows you to confirm payments quickly with just a tap of the wrist

I don’t feel comfortable “storing” my credit card with Billfold! This is no different than storing your credit card on apps like Uber, Amazon, or Ticketmaster for fast check out. Your sensitive information is stored in an ultra secure, PCI-compliant server operated by PayPal. That said, you may load cash onto your wristband instead (see map for cashier locations).


We are committed to protecting your privacy rights. Your consumer information helps us understand how to best tailor our events and deliver the best guest experience. Importantly, we are both PCI-compliant and GDPR-compliant.


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